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150 consultants, managers and technicians, the reference of Portuguese Communication market

LPM founded the category of Communication Consultancy in Portugal. Its activities have always been carried out, since 1986, in plain market leadership – inspired by sophisticated and demanding clients. To address new problems, innovative solutions were created, channels were discovered and methodologies invented. The scope of intervention has been extended to every discipline of Public Relations, a move that produced scale and dimension and attracted the best people in our industry. Come see THE HOUSE OF PR.

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Closest to our Clients

In our activity, dimension is a virtue. We work on a daily basis and in a continuous way, with nearly two hundreds of projects in Communications Consultancy, Media Relations, Online Reputation Management, Crisis Communication, Storyselling, Video Content, Media Communication, Web Development, Shopper Marketing and Editions. The dimension of our teams allows us to collect and share knowledge. The fact that we accompany such a high number of clients does not restrain us from an attentive follow-up, due to the methodology we use, with focused, motivated and available teams.

30 Years 30 Stories

  • Where’s the bag?

    A business trip. Destination: Gaia. Accompanying the Marés Vivas Festival. Computer: checked; wallet: checked; suitcase with all my clothes and personal items: not checked! What’s the problem, when it’s just 4 nights away from home?

  • I only came here for an internship

    1st of April and it wasn’t a fools’ day. I headed to the 4th floor on the no. 30, in Avenida João Crisóstomo – yes, LPM was located in the middle of Saldanha back then. Transposing LPM’s door, I began my professional path with an internship in the firm I currently – and proudly – belong in. It’s already been a decade. I learned and grew up as a person and as an expert. I continue to grow up and learn, everyday. Back then we were about 20 co-workers, and today we exceed a hundred people. But LPM’s DNA stays the same: experience, competence and influence.

  • In a hotel for 6 months

    In 2009 I received the challenge to move to Porto to be part of Unicer’s Communication Department while our colleague was in maternity leave. I stayed there for about 6 months, a period of time that I still remember, because the overall balance was so positive. And living in a hotel is, definitely, an unique experience!

  • A sick person

    I had a bizarre moment as a member of LPM. I had business meetings with a client in a room whose air conditioning was always making me sneeze. At the end of the fifth meeting, the client says that I was always ill (I rarely am). Next week, I showed up for work with a cast on my arm.