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LPM founded the category of Communication Consultancy in Portugal. Its activities have always been carried out, since 1986, in plain market leadership – inspired by sophisticated and demanding clients. To address new problems, innovative solutions were created, channels were discovered and methodologies invented. The scope of intervention has been extended to every discipline of Public Relations, a move that produced scale and dimension and attracted the best people in our industry. Come see THE HOUSE OF PR.

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In our activity, dimension is a virtue. We work on a daily basis and in a continuous way, with nearly two hundreds of projects in Communications Consultancy, Media Relations, Online Reputation Management, Crisis Communication, Storyselling, Video Content, Media Communication, Web Development, Shopper Marketing and Editions. The dimension of our teams allows us to collect and share knowledge. The fact that we accompany such a high number of clients does not restrain us from an attentive follow-up, due to the methodology we use, with focused, motivated and available teams.

30 Years 30 Stories

  • One of the best lunches of my life

    It was on the day of Imedeen’s presentation, a premium beauty brand, to the best bloggers of the country. Or, so I hoped, they would be present. We sent personalized invites, tried to catch their attention in the most creative and relevant way possible, but there’s always that flutter of nervousness. Will they show up? Will they understand the message we want to send? That morning, a crisis bursts with another client. I cannot longer go. How so? Twisting and turning, I can get away and to my huge satisfaction, I found a room filled with interested and attentive bloggers. When it was finished, I went with my colleague to the nearby pastry shop to eat something. We ended up having chocolate croissants at Bernard for lunch, at 4 pm. It was one of the best lunches I ever had.

  • Is there Crioulo on Google translate?

    One of the most interesting projects I was involved with in LPM is, certainly, the one that put me in the work team a presidential candidate for Cape Verde in 2006.

    My role was limited to the content production for the campaign. I took special pleasure from the creation of the scripts for broadcasting.

    I did my research well and I was responsible for replicating the many themes based on the available research, defined as a priority by the candidate’s entourage.

    Part of the final result was presented in Crioulo. I didn’t understand, nor understand now, anything of Crioulo.

    I also couldn’t count on the many online tools that help us today in more complicated translations.

  • Escaping a firecracker

    In 2013, and to monitor a specific client situation, I participated, as an observer, in a demonstration in front of the National Assembly. Pretending to be just passing by, I would observe the movement inside Fernandes stationery shop. The demonstration began and I went to the place of arrival. I took my place near the reporting television vans parked outside because I knew the TV team from SIC. The street was packed, the sound was deafening, the protest chants against the government were offensive and aggressive, and the atmosphere was heavy. Suddenly a firecracker explodes. I jumped and honestly… I was very afraid. The technician from SIC told me not to go in the reporting television van… I didn’t go in at the first firecracker but at the fourth one I was already inside the vehicle.

  • The Boss’ car went down

    In 1997 I went to a meeting in Figueira da Foz with Luís Paixão Martins and after all set and done, we returned to Lisbon for a fine lunch. All was well, we took A1 to Leiria and we were counting on arriving in Lisbon, Areeiro – where LPM was located – early. But all of a sudden the Mercedes starts to fail and stops. There came a tow trailer that took us to Porto de Mós, where the car would stay there for repair. We ended up arriving in Lisbon at 10 pm. The car would be repaired but soon after it was replaces by another one…