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LPM founded the category of Communication Consultancy in Portugal. Its activities have always been carried out, since 1986, in plain market leadership – inspired by sophisticated and demanding clients. To address new problems, innovative solutions were created, channels were discovered and methodologies invented. The scope of intervention has been extended to every discipline of Public Relations, a move that produced scale and dimension and attracted the best people in our industry. Come see THE HOUSE OF PR.

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In our activity, dimension is a virtue. We work on a daily basis and in a continuous way, with nearly two hundreds of projects in Communications Consultancy, Media Relations, Online Reputation Management, Crisis Communication, Storyselling, Video Content, Media Communication, Web Development, Shopper Marketing and Editions. The dimension of our teams allows us to collect and share knowledge. The fact that we accompany such a high number of clients does not restrain us from an attentive follow-up, due to the methodology we use, with focused, motivated and available teams.

30 Years 30 Stories

  • I didn’t even want to leave Brazil

    To accompany a client’s initiative in Brazil I had to make a lightning trip: go aboard on a Monday morning and return on a Wednesday at the end of the day, going through two Brazilian cities. Among many ups and downs, I was close to not go aboard on my way to Lisbon, because the flight was overbooked. After a long wait, they literally gave me the last seat on the plane (the ideal one for who’s afraid of flying, because it’s the place where you best feel trepidation!). After already being in the waiting room with hundreds of people, I was questioned by a Brazilian Police Officer and forwarded to an airport corner to be searched. They always justified these actions reporting it was normal procedure, but of the 250 people boarding the plane, I was the only one who went through this kind of procedure…

  • You have to go to Madeira to solve a crisis. Today.

    20th February 2010. Madeira is affected by an unprecedented rainfall that leaves a destruction path on its way. A client connected to the management of shopping centers calls and asks for help: “we need you here.” It was the beginning of a different working week, where the crisis management went from paper to action. The overall balance couldn’t be more positive: satisfied client, intact reputation, strengthened relationship of trust. And an experience that would define the next steps of my professional path.

  • In the time of fax

    Colombo’s opening eve. At that time the corrections and the approval of texts were made by fax... The client marked the alterations on the paper, rewrote and resent it by fax… After many text versions for the opening, at the end of the day what were true paper sheets continued to be sent, with more and more corrections of the meanwhile approved text version. There was someone that couldn’t hold himself any longer and started kicking the paper sheets that spread across the Areeiro’s office hall. A feature that left our current Chief Executive flabbergasted.

  • The client is always right

    Horse riding event with the best worldwide socialites in the VIP area. The client’s instructions: “Keep journalists far away from that area!” The journalists: “Come on, we have to go there or we’re here doing nothing!” And you insist: “Mr. President, can we just consider the entering for journalists only for a brief moment?” The answer is clear: “No!” You take a chance and let the journalists enter in the banned area. The result: awesome media fuss and… a satisfied client!