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LPM founded the category of Communication Consultancy in Portugal. Its activities have always been carried out, since 1986, in plain market leadership – inspired by sophisticated and demanding clients. To address new problems, innovative solutions were created, channels were discovered and methodologies invented. The scope of intervention has been extended to every discipline of Public Relations, a move that produced scale and dimension and attracted the best people in our industry. Come see THE HOUSE OF PR.

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In our activity, dimension is a virtue. We work on a daily basis and in a continuous way, with nearly two hundreds of projects in Communications Consultancy, Media Relations, Online Reputation Management, Crisis Communication, Storyselling, Video Content, Media Communication, Web Development, Shopper Marketing and Editions. The dimension of our teams allows us to collect and share knowledge. The fact that we accompany such a high number of clients does not restrain us from an attentive follow-up, due to the methodology we use, with focused, motivated and available teams.

30 Years 30 Stories

  • One of the best lunches of my life

    It was on the day of Imedeen’s presentation, a premium beauty brand, to the best bloggers of the country. Or, so I hoped, they would be present. We sent personalized invites, tried to catch their attention in the most creative and relevant way possible, but there’s always that flutter of nervousness. Will they show up? Will they understand the message we want to send? That morning, a crisis bursts with another client. I cannot longer go. How so? Twisting and turning, I can get away and to my huge satisfaction, I found a room filled with interested and attentive bloggers. When it was finished, I went with my colleague to the nearby pastry shop to eat something. We ended up having chocolate croissants at Bernard for lunch, at 4 pm. It was one of the best lunches I ever had.

  • Cheese

    17th February 2012, IV APED’s Congress. I was part of the production team selected for accompanying the event. And what’s the best thing that could ever happen to a person that doesn’t like cheese and can’t stand the smell of cheese, than to be working long through the evening, in a Museu do Oriente’s room full of cheeses? That’s what I call team spirit and love for my job!

  • The prince’s christening

    One of the projects I most enjoyed working on was the christening of S.A.R., the Prince of Beira, Dom Afonso de Santa Maria. It happened on the 1st of June 1996, in Braga, and I was 30 years old or so. I can’t explain why, but I think that all the surname’s family weight, the fact that a new generation of Casa de Bragança infants was beginning, or just the fact that I like tales about royalty, can make me say that this was one of the projects I want to highlight in my 26 years of experience in LPM…

    From the promotion and the accompanying of interviews, photoshoot sessions, accreditation of national and international journalists, the organization of the press office to the attendance of the ceremony, this was a period I fully lived and that made me feel like “mission accomplished.”

  • Itching to meet you

    It all started as a business proposal for an anti-flea dog collar. But since we cannot advertise the product, the proposal couldn’t be meant for an anti-flea dog collar. We had dogs and cats as a hook. We were approaching Summer holidays. We had astounding numbers for abandoned pets, so we bet on an adoption campaign. We contacted seven animal protection associations and went looking for a new owner. “Itching to meet you,” that was the slogan for an initiative that started out without noise but that gained more and more prominence. We distributed bags everywhere. We worked hand in hand with a blogger who went over heels to raise followers. We took vets to the television and we took the television to the kennel.

    In the end, we knew we had saved some of these pets. But we weren’t aware that there were more than 200 to get a home and a happy ending.