Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication takes place when the organization's reputation is – or is about to be – negatively affected. Operational accidents, natural disasters, labor disputes, stock exchange problems, rumors, information leaks, crimes against the company, litigations, legislation changes are just some examples of situations which can weaken the organization and affect its main audiences.

During a crisis that became public, a good cooperation with the media can help the organization inform partners, clients, shareholders, suppliers, interest groups, civil society and authorities about the problem and the actions taken to solve it.

In this process, any glitch is enough to increase the crisis or to create a new crisis, damaging the Client's reputation. A quick answer, along with the experience and the number of available human resources is crucial to respond through the media in this kind of situations. If our Clients need they can ask for LPM teams to deal with possible situations of communication crisis. It’s more than 150 managers, communication technicians, analysts and press officers. In our market, there’s no other organization with such a dimension.