Engagement Platforms

Talking is easy. Being heard is hard. Communication doesn’t work in a univocal way. It only works if it interacts with its publics.

LPM teams organize and feed Engagement platforms – some of them already displaying years of results – which open doors to the dialogue with the interested parties.

Doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, marketeers, nurses and other social-professional categories value and give credit to our platforms.

Engagement with Healthcare Professionals

Rigor and strictness

Our specialists in Healthcare Engagement create and generate interesting and credible exclusive platforms. Many of them are the main relationship vehicles between the pharmaceutical industry, medical societies and other organizations, physicians, pharmaceuticals and nurses and other publics. Specialization, experience and excellence are the main competitive advantages of our teams.

Our Medical Writers

Medical Communication implies a dynamic union between medical-scientific knowledge and written communication skills. We have a specialized team of medical writers which daily dedicate themselves to the creation of every type of scientific documents, with the needed knowledge of concepts, terminology, guidelines and processes. On the other hand, they have a high level of understanding and experience in the relation with the target audience. The information produced include documents as educational literacy to patients, scientific articles, websites content and health magazines, brochures and flyers, article review for scientific magazines, among others.