Human Capital : Share Energy

How to keep focus and be efficient when working from home?

The current situation has brought profound changes to the way we work. From almost one day to the next, individuals, teams and entire companies have begun to work remotely, with organisations having to make a great effort to adjust to these new circumstances. Never before has it been so important to accompany your company's human resources. Helping them to create new routines, keeping them motivated, guaranteeing an effective work flow and avoiding dispersal and/or duplication.

Continuous, interactive and carefully planned communication is fundamental when distance working. You need to act right now.

Understanding the needs of your collaborators as they adapt to these changes and to their new work environments helps to reduce the impact that this interruption may have on your company's culture and productivity.

At LPM, we have developed the solution known as HUMAN CAPITAL: SHARE ENERGY, specially tailored to each company's needs, providing various dynamic and interactive activities that enable you to work closely with your collaborators, and preserving your company culture while reinforcing their sense of belonging and their motivation. Through dedicated contents that generate engagement and encourage interaction between participants, it is possible to maintain a close proximity, promoting the exchange of ideas and keeping focus. Talks, useful tips, participated activities, personalised accompaniment and direct challenges are just some of the tools of internal communication that we develop. Share energy.