Media Coaching

Media Coaching requires a deep knowledge about journalism and prepares organizations’ representatives who are subject to media exposure. This training gives the spokesman knowledge about the different media types, the more suitable type of communication depending on the journalistic format and the best techniques to maximize the speech efficiency.

Media Coaching modalities, either for Media Training or for Public Speaking Training, articulate theory and practice, form and content. While working on posture, diction and gestural language, it also works on argumentation skills and assertiveness of the key messages:

  • Knowing Portuguese media reality and its own modus operandi;

  • Knowing the different media types, information needs, messages to be transmitted and techniques of information management;

  • Development of methods for messages production to be transmitted to media organizations;

  • Simulation of interviews in television studio;

  • Viewing, self-evaluation, evaluation and recommendations;

  • Trainer: a TV journalist;

  • Preparation and monitoring of the session by the team.