Web Meetings

At LPM, we design, produce and organise virtual events in an innovative way. We develop digital platform initiatives adapted to the needs of our clients.  We promote an integrated experience and establish links to a global audience, whatever type of initiative is required - whether meetings, conferences, presentations, courses, talks or brand activations, broadcast over the web either live or pre-recorded.

Our WEB MEETINGS service enables you to adapt the format of your events with the use of innovative technology, guaranteeing the coverage and impact of collective initiatives. Events take place virtually, offering an integrated experience that allows for interactive debates, participatory and moderated sessions, and an open dialogue with participants.

This virtual approach positions companies as innovative entities, creating a dynamic and differentiating narrative. At the same time, it enables you to maintain your relationship with stakeholders, without any loss of territory, and ensures visibility and impact for your messages.

It is important to guarantee the excellence of these events, demonstrating quality, care and professionalism.