2011 - 25 Years: 2 Points (colon)

LPM is now starting its 25th year in business.

And it's adding a sign to its identity: the colon.


Let us explain: We are LPM two dots because we open up dialog, relationships and understanding.

It's a punctuation mark that: Introduces a speech, an idea, a declaration, a statement, a point of view, in other words: We are not LPM period.

It works like this: To the left of the two dots is the spokesperson, the source of information, the LPM or the Client. To the right of the two dots are the arguments, deeds and facts of the institutions whose reputation we help build.

The two dots give us something to talk about. They give space, they give stage. And that's the capacity we like to give our clients' projects.

We identify our work with punctuation marks because they codify language, structure ideas, give meaning and expressiveness.

Two points because we see influence as a dialectical process: it's not just about having an effect on audiences, but also knowing how to understand them and shape organizations to contexts, to expectations, to the other.


and the sentence remains open, just like our door