2021 – 35 Years: PR Innovation

In 2021, LPM marked 35 years of activity in the Public Relations area in Portugal.

To mark the date, in the midst of a pandemic, LPM organizes a Digital Conference focused on the theme of Innovation in Public Relations, presenting the solutions successfully found by the LPM Group teams in a period of unparalleled challenges.

This Conference also reflected how, in a year full of challenges, we jointly created innovative, immersive and participated projects, which ensured two-way communication.

The “PR Innovation Talk – LPM35x | Innovation with Impact” took place on May 27, 2021. We organized a series of case discussion panels where we reflected on innovation and intervention in different sectors and disciplines: Communicating in a pandemic year; Innovate in health; Innovate in product communication; and Ideas in a state of innovation. A round table was also held on “Innovating Public Relations with Impact – a challenge for organizations and agencies”.

“In a very challenging time for communication, we present success stories, promoting the sharing of ideas and experiences between brands and organizations”, commented the general director of LPM, Catarina Vasconcelos. A “very relevant conference as a knowledge platform for the entire business, communication and marketing community”.

At the same time, we added our logo with the idea of Power of Multiplication. Which so well applies to the integrated experience in the multi-projects of our customers, who have placed their trust in these decades of work and results.

The commemoration of this milestone in the history of LPM – 35 years of Innovating with Impact – also featured a face-to-face team meeting in August 2021. A special reunion after almost two years of confinement and remote work.

We celebrate the past, with an eye on the future.