1986 - 1st Client

LPM was born in September 1986 in a room at the Picoas Forum.

First customer: CTT. Exclusive offer: Press Office.
Unique collaborator: Luís Paixão Martins.

1986 was a special year for our young democracy. On January 1, Portugal officially joins the EEC (currently the European Union), Aníbal Cavaco Silva is on his way to lead the first stable and single-party political majority. Administrative funds and large-scale foreign investment arrive. Portuguese entrepreneurs return from the diaspora. A privatization program is announced. People are consuming in the first shopping center and the first hypermarket recently opened. A private bank opens the first counter on a corner of Av. 5 de Outubro, in Lisbon.

Luís Paixão Martins was then 32 years old and had an established career as a journalist. He had been an announcer, director and newscaster for Rádio Renascença (1971/75) and Rádio Comercial (1979/86) and journalist for Jornal Novo (1975) and the agencies ANOP (1976/1984) and NP (1985/86).

When launching his new professional experience, he was creating a Communication Consultancy Agency who has been leading the Portuguese Public Relations market for over 35 years.

2006 – 20 Years: Influence

2011 – 25 Years: 2 Points (colon)

2016 – 30 Years: The House of PR